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  • Bobcat S570 Skid Steer Loader

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: s570

    With a rated operating capacity of 1950 lb., the vertical lift Bobcat® S570 skid-steer loader is ideal for clearing high-sided tuck boxes and hoppers or placing pallets loaded with heavy materials. Use the high-flow auxiliary hydraulic option with over 26 gpm of flow for enhanced attachment performance.

    Rental Rates: Day: $195.00 Week: $730.00
  • Bobcat S590 Skid Steer Loader

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: s590

    More horsepower, excellent vertical reach and greater all-around performance makes the Bobcat® S590 skid-steer loader a great choice for a wide-variety of jobs.

    With 66hp. and remarkable 2,100 lbs. ROC, this loader has lots of power relative to it's size. It also includes better flotation with larger tires.

    Rental Rates: Day: $195.00 Week: $730.00
  • Jet Equipment 10 ton Porta Power set

    Manufacturer: Jet Model: BRK-10T

    Ideal for body work on cars and trucks

    Rental Rates: Day: $30.00 Week: $90.00
  • Husqvarna FS 4800 D

    Manufacturer: Husqvarna

    The FS 4800 D is a professional and very versatile floor saw for mid-size jobs. It is available in front pivot or rear pivot configurations. A rear pivot saw is recommended when maneuverability is key in road repairs jobs. The front pivot version is preferable for normal road sawing operations.

    Rental Rates: Day: $275.00 Week: $975.00
  • Soil Conditioner Attachment

    Manufacturer: Bobcat

    Prepare the land and lay a good foundation with the soil conditioner attachment. The rotating drum is equipped with carbide-tipped teeth, which rip through clumps and penetrate the soil.

    Rental Rates: Day: $150.00 Week: $525.00
  • T590 Compact Track Loader

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: T590

    With the highest lifting height in the 500 platform, the Bobcat® T590 compact track loader is ideal for loading and unloading tasks.

    The vertical lift T590 is ideal for tasks where space is limited but the need for maximum lift height is necessary.

    Rental Rates: Day: $275.00 Week: $960.00
  • T650 Compact Track Loader

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: T650

    The Bobcat® T650 compact track loader is part of the M-Series. Get top productivity and extend your working season with the T650. The vertical lift path gives you maximum forward reach at flatbed truck height for a variety of grading, digging, trenching and backfilling jobs. With the optional pressurized cab, you’ll work in extreme comfort and get improved visibility of your working area. M-Series models deliver unequaled digging and pushing power, combined with the most available attachments in the industry.

    Rental Rates: Day: $325.00 Week: $1,135.00
  • Bosch 3912 15amp 12-inch compound miter saw

    Manufacturer: Bosch Model: 3912

    Bosch 15amp 12-inch compound miter saw.  saw comes with blade.


    Rental Rates: Day: $24.00 Week: $72.00

    Contractor wheelbarrow. Heavy gauge seamless steel tray with front tray braces, "H" brace, steel cross strips and leg stabilizer. 16" wheel assembly with pneumatic tubed 2-ply tire with oilube bearing. Comes with ball bearing for enhanced roll rotation.

    Rental Rates: Day: $12.00 Week: $24.00
  • Power Palm Pneumatic Nailer

    Manufacturer: Paige Seed Model: 02-PALM001

    "The industries best solution to blind nailing close to the wall.   Save both, time and money!"
    Pressure activated...simply press down, and let the tool do the work.
    The Power Palm will allow blind nailing closer to the wall and reduce the amount of face nailing.
     "Using the Power Palm with Powernail 16 or 18 gage L Cleats you will maintain the integrity of your installation, by using the same fastener from start to finish"
    "Blind nail, top nail...tight spots and corners, the Power palm gets them all!"
    Featuring 360 degree swivel tip
    Magnetic cleat holder keeps nail in position.

    Rental Rates: Day: $12.50 Week: $36.00
  • Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw

    Manufacturer: Crain Tools Model: 775

    Our latest model No. 775 Toe-Kick Saw cuts flush to the inner wall of a toe space in a cabinet or counter to remove old underlayment. Model No. 775 comes with the No. 787 3-3/8" Carbide-Tipped Blade ONLY for cutting wood.

    Rental Rates: 4 Hours: $30.00 Day: $45.00 Week: $190.00
  • Senco SFN40 2-1/2" Angled Finish Nailer

    Manufacturer: Senco Model: sfn40

    Senco SFN40 2-1/2" Angled Finish Nailer


    Nail Type: 15 Gauge

    Nail Range: 1-1/4"- 2-1/2"

    Weight: 4.7 lbs

    Rental Rates: Day: $21.00 Week: $63.00
  • Air Rock Drill 60 LB

    Manufacturer: TAMKO Model: RD60

    Air Rock Drill 60 LB

    Bits sold separately

    Rental Rates: Day: $60.00 Week: $210.00
  • Air Hammer 90 LB  

    Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand Model: PB90

    Air Hammer 90 LB

    Rental Rates: Day: $50.00 Week: $175.00
  • Air Hammer 60 LB 

    Manufacturer: TAMKO

    Air Hammer 60 LB 

    Rental Rates: Day: $50.00 Week: $175.00
  • Rivet Buster 30LB

    Manufacturer: TAMKO

    Rivet Buster 30LB


    Bits sold separately

    Rental Rates: Day: $60.00 Week: $210.00
  • Chipping Hammer 15 lb

    Manufacturer: TAMKO

    Chipping Hammer 15 lb

    Rental Rates: Day: $45.00 Week: $180.00
  • Impact Wrench 1" Drive air

    Model: 285-6

    Impact Wrench 1" Drive air

    Rental Rates: Day: $50.00 Week: $150.00
  • Shingle Eater Roofing Shovel

    Manufacturer: Bon Tool Model: 19-122

    Removes multiple layers
    Leading edge is heat treated for extra strength
    Side handle sold separately
    10 teeth

    Rental Rates: Day: $10.00 Week: $30.00
  • 18 Ga Floor Stapler Air

    Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc. Model: 461

     Used for 5/16" to 1/2" engineered flooring
     Used for 5/16" to 3/8" solid flooring
     Fixed position shoe base
     Includes accessory Flat Gate to convert to a Universal Stapler
     Extra long magazine holds 2 clips of staples
     Includes Carrying Case and Safety Goggles
     Uses 1" - 1¼" 18Ga 1/4" crown staples
     Safety is built into the shoe base
     Operates on 70-90 PSI

    Rental Rates: Day: $30.00 Week: $105.00
  • Hitachi 2" Cap Nailer Air

    Manufacturer: Hitachi Model: NV50AP2

    Drives nail and caps in tandem for better hold. Selective actuation, a simple flip of the switch allows for either sequential or bump fire nail- no additional parts or tools required. Plastic and metal caps, whether shooting plastic caps or metal caps, this tool meets your needs. Translucent cap and nail magazine, a simple glance confirms the remaining supply of both fasteners and caps, avoiding inconveniently timed reloads. Exceptional Hitachi balance and fully adjustable exhaust make this the ideal tool for Tyvek installation, tar paper and any other sheathing. Tool-free depth adjustment, simple adjustment provides flexibility when fastening various materials. Drives 350 caps and 350 nails for maximum jobsite efficiency.

    Rental Rates: Day: $42.00 Week: $126.00
  • Ingersoll Rand 425 CFM Air Compressor

    Manufacturer: Doosan Model: p425

    Ingersoll Rand 425 CFM Air Compressor

    Diesel Fuel Deposit May Apply

    Rental Rates: Day: $200.00 Week: $700.00
  • Senco Air Compressor Gas Power

    Model: pc2017

    Senco Air Compressor 

    Rental Rates: 4 Hours: $32.00 Day: $48.00 Week: $168.00
  • Ingersoll Rand 185 CFM Air Compressor

    Manufacturer: Doosan Model: p185

    Ingersoll Rand 185 CFM Air Compressor

    Rental Rates: Day: $105.00 Week: $375.00
  • .22 Caliber Single Shot ToolTrigger Operated Powder Actuated Tool

    Model: RS22

    Designed or frequent use providing professional fastening results in a variety of concrete, masonry or steel applications.
    The RS22 is a traditional trigger operated tool.
    Positive barrel and load retention prevents barrel from opening freely, allowing easy horizontal and overhead fastening.
    Powder load automatically ejects after each use.
    Ergonomic design for operator comfort.
    Heavy-duty all-steel construction.

    Uses standard .22 caliber single shot powder loads 2 (Brown), 3 (Green), 4 (Yellow)
     Weight: 4.1 pounds
     Length: 14-3/4"
     Muzzle Bushing O.D.: 3/4"
     Maximum Pin Length: 3"

    Rental Rates: Day: $20.00 Week: $40.00